1) Call Studio Plaza Apartments (805-968-8555) or fill out the form below to check availability.

2) If an apartment is available on your requested move-in date, or you’d like to get on the waiting list, download and print an application. For your convenience, a map of Studio Plaza is available here Studio Plaza map so that you can see the location of the apartments that may be offered to you.

Studio Plaza Apartments Rental Agreements are on a month-to-month basis, so we will not know until 30 days prior to a current tenant’s move-out date. If you opt to go on the waiting list, don’t assume that you will automatically get an apartment; please have a backup plan.

3) E-mail, mail, fax (805-968-1585) or submit your completed application to Studio Plaza. The approval process takes approximately 24-48 hours.

4) Once your application is approved and we have an apartment available for you, we require a $1,500 holding deposit in the form of a credit card payment, cashier’s check, traveler’s check, or money order, made payable to Westpac Shelter Corporation. If you change your mind about moving to Studio Plaza Apartments, we will retain $50.00 from this holding deposit to compensate for lost rents and the time and expense incurred by the need to re-rent. If you do move in, this $1,500 will be your security deposit.

5) All incoming residents must watch this helpful video…

6) The first month’s rent will be due on your move-in date in the form of a credit card payment, cashier’s check, traveler’s check, or money order made payable to Studio Plaza Apartments. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept cash. Personal checks are not accepted for initial payments, but will be for future rent payments. Zego is also an option for paying your rent.

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